Illustration Mentor


Senior Photo Editor, GEO magazine Germany

Germany, Hamburg
English, German

Christian is a Senior Photo Editor at GEO magazine with many years of expertise in producing, directing, and researching high-quality imagery. The emphasis of his work is on visual storytelling, portrait and still life across multiple distribution channels, print and digital publications.


“Since Christian Gogolin is located in Germany, I could travel to Hamburg and to meet him. Skype is nice, but actually there is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting. He gave me very good advice, highlighted my strengths and spent time reducing my portafolio from NYC to the best strong photographs, approx. from 20 to 10, and explaining why to me. I did learnt a lot.
He also gave me very good hints to continue developing my photographic style, and offered me the possibility to contact again.
In summary, I feel very much inspired and hopeful about my professional career as a photographer.
He also took care that I took good advantage of my trip to Hamburg and recommended me a photographic exhibition in the nearby about the ‘Café Lehmitz’ project. It was very good!” Ana Rivas
Christian Gogolin und Carla Rosorius

- Deadlines:
There is a delay of 3 days between the date we receive the photographer’s application and the date we are able to confirm or not the session with the Mentor.

- Payment:
Right after submitting his application throughout the Eyes in Progress’s website, the photographer is invited to pay the full stated price (via an email sent from PayZen credit card payment platform).
Applications can only be processed after receiving the full payment.

- Feedback/Testimonies:
Eyes in Progress will contact the photographer once the session is done in order to ask for his feedback.

- If the Mentor is not available and the photographer chooses to cancel the process, the photographer will receive a full refund in the delay of 3 days after the photographer sends his bank details to Eyes in Progress (IBAN and BIC/ SWIFT code).

- If the photographer decides to cancel for whatever reasons after the Mentor has agreed to the session, Eyes in Progress will reimburse 50% of the paid price.