Eyes in Progress is a Masterclasses program in Photography.

The workshops we provide are exclusively led by distinguished photographers. They are held monthly and are open to professional photographers and advanced amateurs.

After the workshop, Eyes in Progress website features the participants’ portfolios, video interviews and a review by a photography expert.

Eyes in Progress also provides a mentoring service which purpose is to put in touch photographers and experts in order to help improve their photographic approach.

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the founder

After 5 years of working in the new media technology sector in Spain, Véronique Sutra decided to change her career direction. In 2008 she enrolled in a special program for Arts Administration at New York University. She then was in charge of developing multimedia clients for the prestigious Magnum Photo archive. Today she is the founder and director of Eyes in Progress.

Open letter from the founder

”I had the opportunity to work in the heart of the photography industry for a few years and what I saw was not only an industry in great turmoil but also one that was becoming ever more popular, which at first glance gives off a strange sense of ambiguity…

The internet and the different photo applications that exist are opening this art to the public, more and more photographs are being taken and there is more interest in photography than ever before. The proof is not only the exponential quantity of photographs online but also in galleries, museum exhibitions, as well as in public and private spaces.