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From Saint Maurice de Rotherens, in the Savoyard pre-Alps, we face Izieu, small town of Ain, located in the foothills of the Bugey massif. The roundup of the children of Izieu took place there, in the morning of April 6, 1944.
Depuis Saint Maurice de Rotherens, dans les pré-Alpes savoyardes, on fait face à Izieu, petite commune de l’Ain, située dans les derniers contreforts du massif du Bugey. C’est là qu’au matin du 6 avril 1944, la rafle des enfants d’Izieu a eu lieu.

The children of Izieu

by Guillaume Nédellec (France)

In the south of Ain, 44 children and 7 adults who were refugees at the colony of Izieu were arrested during the roundup of April 6, 1944, on the order (...)

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by Manon Aubel (France)

Following Patrick Zachmann’s workshop was a great opportunity to connect back to a more intuitive and personal photographic style through very r (...)

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