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Raphaël Blasselle

Believers (provisory title)

by Raphaël Blasselle (France)

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Born in France in 1979, I have been living for twenty years in Rome, Italy. After my studies in Economics, I studied photography at Officine Fotografiche, Rome. In 2008 I moved to Paris, where I still live and work as a professionnal photographer (reportage and portrait).
I am currently working on a long term project about faith and the quest of meaning, linking B&W pictures to texts, sounds, audio interviews.
Here below a representative selection of images of my personal works. 

Raphael_portfolio_001 - copie Raphael_portfolio_002 - copie Raphael_portfolio_003 - copie Raphael_portfolio_004 - copie Raphael_portfolio_005 - copie Raphael_portfolio_006 - copie Raphael_portfolio_007 - copie Raphael_portfolio_008 - copie Raphael_portfolio_009 - copie Raphael_portfolio_010 - copie Raphael_portfolio_011 - copie Raphael_portfolio_012 - copie Raphael_portfolio_013 - copie Raphael_portfolio_014 - copie

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Raphael_portfolio_001 - copie2

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