Claude Nori holds a unique place in french photography history with his authorial work he has practiced since 1968 but also thanks to Contrejour publishing house he founded in 1975 so he could publish his first book. Contrejour publishing house allowed an entire generation of contemporary authors to express themselves for the first time throughout the support of the book which was, with exhibitions, the original creative space of the new french photography.

He led to the rediscovery of the humanists and some of the most important french photographers or foreigners who had been forgotten: Doisneau, Sieff, Ronis, Plossu, Boubat, Ghirri, Le Querrec, Petersen, Giacomelli, Salgado.

He founded the magazine Cahiers de la Photographie and Caméra International, opened a gallery, edited up to 150 books, that are still a reference nowadays. He consequently found himself in the heart of the tremendous upheaval which conducted photography to its golden age.

At the same time, he never stopped his authorial work throughout a series of books, novels and films around his subjects of predilection: Italy, adolescence, sea resorts poetry, an epiphany search of happiness and love, with which he drew the path of « photo biography » (Lunettes, Vacances à l’italienne, je vous aime, Un été Italien, Une fille instantanée, Amore mio, la Géométrie du flirt, Les désirs sont déja des souvenirs…).

Born in 1949 in Toulouse, he discovered photography in 1968 as he was destined to become a film director studying at the Independent Conservatory of French Cinema in Paris. He quickly understood the expressive potential of photography and especially the freedom and lightness that it offers allowing you to go in search of discovering others, the world and oneself. For a few days, locked in a makeshift laboratory, he was taken over by the mysteries of the developing tank, the creative manipulations of bare hands and he began to think about black and white.

He held his first exhibition in 1971 in the Faourette neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Toulouse, and a set of very personal images with hints of surrealism reflecting a deep existential anxiety was published in the new Photography magazine. In 1974, he left Toulouse for Paris and befriended the photographer Bernard Plossu, who had just published a photography collection called “Surbanalisme”, after his book on the hippie movement.

Along with a group of inspirational people, photographers and critics, he founded “Contrejour”, which was a newspaper, publishing company and a gallery at Montparnasse all at once, which quickly became the meeting place for the spreading of new photography.

In 1984, with Gabriel Bauret as editor in chief as well as the artistic contribution of Lorenzo Merlo, who was director of the “Canon” gallery in Amsterdam at the time, he created the magazine “Caméra International” which was to have an edition in English, Japanese and Italian.

In 1999, he settled in Biarritz with his wife Isabelle Nori, where they founded the festival “Terre d’Images” and the magazine “Photo Nouvelles” then “Revista”, and another “Sud-Ouest” in 2003.

In 2011 they relaunched the editions of “Contrejour” with the publication of works by Jeanloup Sieff, Ralph Gibson, Jean Dieuzaide, Yvette Troispoux, Arthur Tress, Franco Fontana…

His works were displayed at the festival “Photomed” in Sanary in 2011, and the “Château d’Eau” in Toulouse, at the “Valid Foto” gallery in Barcelona. In October-November 2012 a retrospective sanctions his original and unique place in french photography at the “Maison Européene de la Photographie” in Paris.

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Learn what you need to know to publish your work


The workshop is open to professional photographers and skilled amateurs interested in publishing their own photography book. It aims people who are at different stages in the book making: project angle definition, photographs selection, sequencing and shape (cover, texture, color, paper, etc.).


Participants should come to the workshop with enough unified images to provide the material for a book in some form.


Learn how to make your own photo book as a finished expression of your photographs.


This will be a workshop under the guidance of a renowned photo book editor who – by having already published several successful photographic books – will be able to bring to the participants his knowledge and experience on how to make a photo book.

Independently on which stage they are at in their photo book project, he’ll give them the tools & creative insight on how to succeed in their project.

The workshop will cover the different stages of the photo book making throughout Claude Nori’s theoretical and practical advises on each participant’s projects.

Day 1:

Morning / Masterclass – Projection
Claude Nori will talk about his publishing house Contrejour, how it was born, the major books it has published and what’s its creative line in today’s photographic world.

Afternoon / Book project reviews
Each participant will present his/her own book project to the class and what stage he is in. This will be a jumping board for Claude Nori’s advices and creative group discussion.

Day 2:

The important questions of the photo book making will be answered throughout each participants project: What’s the point of your book? How distinctive is your voice? What’s the best way to edit and sequence your images? What are the most adequate formal choices for your book: layout, cover, printing, format, paper, stitching, etc.? What are the important lines of your book budget?

Teaching language: french or english according to audience.


Self-Publishing Photobook

Photographer: Claude Nori

Dates: From 05/04/2014 > 06/04/2014
Place: Paris



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