Guy Le Querrec

Born in 1941 in Paris into a modest family from Brittany, Guy Le Querrec shot his first pictures of jazz musicians in London in the late 1950s, making his professional debut in 1967. Two years later he was hired by the weekly Jeune Afrique as picture editor and photographer; he did his first reportages in Francophone Africa, including Chad, Cameroon and Niger.

In 1971 he entrusted his archives to Vu, recently founded by Pierre de Fenoyl, and in 1972 he co-founded the co-operative Viva agency, but left it three years later. Le Querrec joined Magnum in 1976. In the late 1970s he co-directed two films, and in 1980 directed the first photo-graphic workshop organized by the City of Paris. During the Rencontres d’Arles in 1983 he created a new form of show by projecting photographs alongside a live quartet of jazz musicians, repeating the experiment in 1993 and 2006.

Le Querrec has undertaken numerous reportages on the Concert Mayol in Paris, subjects in China and Africa, and North American Indians. He punctuates his work with breaks devoted to jazz (festivals, clubs and tours), and has traveled through twenty-five African countries with the Romano-Sclavis-Texier trio.

Le Querrec’s background in jazz has informed his photography. He sees everyday scenes as a musical score, played or activated by natural forces. Sun rays in a café could be a cry or a trumpet call; Spanish workers resting on the edge of a limestone quarry are musical notations in a solo piece.

Le Querrec has also devoted much time to teaching workshops and classes in France and other countries. He has exhibited regularly throughout the world.

Guy Le Querrec is represented by Magnum Photos.


Open to all.


Guy Le Querrec will master one of his favorite exercise: talk around and about his pictures, restitute its history like the context in which they were shot, all this with great sincerity, accuracy and humanity…all this without losing his sense of humor. He invites us here to attend a commented projection, adventurous to him, where random and improvisation will hold an essential role.

Participants are also invited to come with their questions.

Masterclass hours: 9h30-18h.

Teaching language: French.

This masterclass is organized during the Photo Month in Paris, November 2012.



Photographer: Guy Le Querrec

Dates: From 17/11/2012 > 17/11/2012
Place: Bar Floréal, Paris



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